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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  August 27, 2011 12:00am-1:05am EDT

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"nightline" in washington. >> by the numbers. visit for more on what you can do to be prepared for this storm. thanks for watching. have a safe weekend. >> dicky: up next on "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> jimmy: all the fighting in congress has made for an intense few weeks, though -- the makeup sex tonight is going to be amazing. >> dicky: hank azaria. >> jimmy: the only grown man crying at the smurfs. >> maybe harrison ford and daniel craig. >> jimmy: jim sturgess. and music from the lonely forest. we raise the debt ceiling and jennifer lopez's salary all in
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tonight -- hank azaria. from "one day," jim sturgess. and music from the lonely forest. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" >> dicky: and now, no need to worry. here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]]
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>> jimmy: hi there. welcome. that's very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming. thanks for -- i know i'm not a shark, but thanks for watching me this week anyway. i like to wish each of you a happy shark week. it's shark week on the discovery channel. why this isn't a national holiday, i don't know. why would you celebrate like arbor day and not shark week? ll start caring about trees when trees start biting sea lions in half. [ laughter ] did you know that a great white shark loses up to 1,000 teeth in its lifetime, but they keep coming in. they're like the lil wayne's of the shark world. amazing. one thing i learned from shark week is, they say sharks are more afraid of us than we are of them which i find hard to believe. i don't think they have nightmares after seeing movies about us. oh, my god, i saw w "mrs. doubtfire" last night. i almost crapped my ocean. that's how sharks talk to each other.
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this is a guy who isn't scared of sharks. his name is eric. he's from boston. well, here's eric. >> eric's home video looks like some people's nightmares. shaky, a little hard to follow, and the biggest fish of your life just went under the boat. >> i've been waiting for this opportunity my whole life, to see something really big out on the water. >> what does he do? here's a hint. and there's his foot. he's getting ready to jump on the shark. he rides it 15 feet from the boat. >> it was very exciting. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: calm down. calm down. i get more excited about riding a lawn mower than he does about a shark. he's not afraid to ride sharks or wear uggs, apparently. this is the discovery channel's 24th annual shark week, so, it's getting harder for them to top themselves. it's not like sharks are out making news and doing things. but they may have done it again. this show -- this is one of the
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shows they're running right now. if ever there was a formula for huge cable ratings this is it. >> the great white shark, one of nature's most terrifying killers. now, see this fearsome predator as you've ever seen it before. in the "jersey shore" hot tub! "jersey shark." only on discovery. [ applause ] >> jimmy: you see what i'm saying? speaking of "jersey shore," quick program reminderer. season four begins on thursday night and with it, so does our national shame. [ laughter ] our president, president obama today signed legislation to officially raise the national debt ceiling. it was ratified by the senate this afternoon. and i have to say, it's refreshing to see the two parties coming together to not get anything accomplished. it's that kind of nonpartisan ineffectiveness that
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will get this economy standing still again. [ laughter ] the general consensus seems to be that while nobody got anything they wanted, the republicans got more out of it than democrats did. you know, i hesitate to say the democrats caved, but they just called i ithe same team that rescued the chilean miners. [ laughter ] here's president obama addressing the nation on the new bill earlier today. >> good afternoon, everybody. congress has now approved a and avert a default that would t have devastated our economy. it was a long and contentious debate -- >> jimmy: wow, this shark week has really gotten out of hand. [ laughter ] it's -- it's not all bad for the democrats, though. they are saying that even though they didn't get increased revenue or reduced tax breaks for corporate jets or big oil or anything of the things they asked for, at least they got nothing, and that's something, right? all the fighting in congress has made for an intense few weeks,
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although, the makeup sex tonight is going to be amazing. but still,l, ts debt ceiling business is all the cable news networks have been talking about and now that it's settled, it's almost like they've had the wind knocked out of them. >> the key polling question, how will this debt debate deal play in the presidential vote? joining us now from new jersey, scott rasmussen and from virginia, larry sabito. all right, professor, what say you? doc? gentlemen, thanks very much. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along this evening. >> jimmy: you have to reboot them when they get like that. [ applause ] get some yo momma jokes going. this is pretty funny. this is from the local fox affiliate in north carolina where one of the anchors h h trouble correctly identifying the speaker of the house. >> i stuck my neck out a mile. >> this bill is going nowhere. it is a total waste of time.
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>> nancy pelosi might have thought it was a waste of time, but the house did pass what is being called the boner -- the boehner bill. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well -- as i recall, and i -- i'm not a political science expert. wasn't clinton known as boner bill? [ laughter ] hey, here's a guy we need things running for us. most americans want a politician who takes action. in a city in lithuania, i think about this topic a lot. wealthy people ignore parking laws because they can afford to just pay the ticket. really, the same goes around here. a $40 ticket means a lot more to a guy that makes $10 an hour than it does to, like, oprah. oprah could park on a meter maid and pay the fine without batting an eye. [ laughter ] but parking tickets, i think, should be based on a percentage of your income. like in bill gates were to double park, he'd get a ticket for $12 million.
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where as a pizza delivery guy -- eight bucks. you know? anyway, the mayor has come up with a plan to deal with these illegally parked cars that seems to be working out pretty well. >> jimmy: put on a helmet when you ride a tank! [ applause ] you're the mayor. what the mayor didn't know, ununfortunately, was that was a surprise birthday present from his wife.
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what would happen if you peed in public there? would he run over that, too? here's another funny foreign item. this is from australia, where apparently there's drama surrounding one of their local football teams. >> the melbourne football club is in crisis tonight with the jobs of three key decision makers now hanging in the balance. amy park joins us from aami park. what's the latest, amy? >> well, they're meeting as they speak. >> jimmy: she only reports from there. episode of next season's "two re and a half men" will reportedly be centered around the funeral of charlie sheen's character, charlie harper, complete with an open casket. they are planning to lure him into the casket with a hooker and shoot the episode once he passes out, i guess. [ laughter ] all of charlie's ex-girlfriends from the show will come back to attend the funeral, so -- see, that's a great way to rub it in charlie sheen's face.
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we're killing your character a we're going to have 30 blonds on the set when we do it. [ laughter ] have fun on tour. elsewhere in television, jennifer lopez and the fox network have reportedly reached a deal to bring her back to "american idol" next year for a reported $20 million. so, nice timing, marc anthony. [ laughter ] $20 million for j.lo. are they j-high? that is ridiculous. steven tyler must be rolling over in his grave right now. [ laughter ] we raised the debt ceiling and jennifer lopez's salary in one day. what a great day to be an american. and one more thing i want to mention. do you guys remember heidi montag and spencer pratt from "the hills?" well, they say they're broke, they have no money -- i know, i'm sick about this, too. but -- [ laughter ] there they are. spencer said things are so tough right now that they are living in his parents beach house in santa barbara and i hear the house isn't even on the sand. it's like a block away.
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, things are really kind of scary for them right now. [ laughter ] heidi also said in this interview that they did, she regrets the plastic surgery she had. though she's not going to sit around crying about it, because she can't. she no longer has any tear ducts, they paved over those. [ laughter ] i'm not sure why they were even famous in the first place but i do feel kind of bad for them. you hate to see anyone fall on hard times. that's why i was very happy to learn there's an organization that's trying to help the heidi and spencers of the world make the transition from reality shows back to reality. take a look. ♪ >> i would literally rather be, like, swimming in pee than trying to plan a wedding with her. ♪ >> bring it on!
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>> feed the morons is an organization dedicated to help those who can't help themselves. >> you do not want to [ bleep ] with me. >> just 35 cents a day helps these attention-starved idiots get the food and clothing they so desperately need to survive. >> i have really bad bug bites. >> please give. they're waiting for your call. >> jimmy: she's got really bad bug bites. [ applause ] we have a good show for you tonight. jim sturgess is here with us tonight. we have music from the lonely forest. and we'll be right back with hank azaria, so stick around. what if it snowed chocolate?
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>> jimmy: hi there, welcome back. tonight on the program, a very charming young man from english land. starting august 19th, you can see him alongside anne hathaway in the new movie "one day." jim sturgess is here. and then, making their television debut with music from this, their latest album -- it's called "arrows." the lonely forest from the bud light stage. tomorrow night, we have a good show for you tomorrow night. we almost had to cancel tomorrow night's show. james franco will be here. as will a youngng arizona diamondback fan, maybe you've seen this clip. >> nothing better to get a souvenir when you go to the ballpark. oh, look at that young brewers fan. now wait a minute -- >> the diamondback fan got it. >> he's bummed out. >> are you kidding me? this kid is going to do this?
12:18 am
>> that is big time. >> oh, my goodness. >> jimmy: yeah. we're going to have both kids here with us tomorrow. congress could learn a lot from them. [ applause ] right guillermo? >> yes, jimmy. >> jimmy: thank you. and if that wasn't enough, we'll have music from coldplay tomorrow night, so join us for that. if you're a fan of "the simpsons" and you are, you have our first guest to thank for roughly 140 character voices from apu to chief wiggum and mo to dr. nick. now he puts his face in a cartoon in the new 3d movie "the smurfs." it's in theaters now. please say helloloo hank azaria. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm very, very good. how are you doing? >> jimmy: i'm good. you must be excited. this movie is big. congratulations. >> the smurfs kicked some little blue butt. >> jimmy: i'm a little too old for the smurfs. so i kind of missed that smurf
12:19 am
mania that my little brother experienced. i was kind of surprised it was a big deal. >> yeah, i was mildly surprised myself. i was too old when they rose to power in the '80s. but i watched it anyway, because i'm very immature. i really did. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: how old is your son now? >> he's 2. >> jimmy: okay, so, he's probably not old enough to appreciate the smurfs yet? >> we brought him to the premiere. we figured he would be good for 20 minutes. he watched the whole movie with the little 3d glasses on. every time i left the screen he went, where dada go? >> jimmy: oh, really? >> i actually cried three times. >> jimmy: you may have been the only grown man crying at the movie. at least i hope u were the only grown man crying at the smurfs. >> maybe harrison ford and daniel craig. [ laughter ] perhaps. [ applause ] >> jimmy: pow. >> rip the head off papa smurf the other night. have to say something. >> jimmy: well, you know what, smurfs have always been the
12:20 am
underdogog. they really have. >> they really have. downtrodden people. they are. >> jimmy: and your son, is your son -- your son sat through the whole movie. is he normally really well behaved? is he like that? he is good like that? >> he slept through the night since he was 6 m mths old. unbelievable. but he's turned 2 and you're warned about the terrible 2s and he is officially 2. it's whining and meltdowns and saying no. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> yeah. and the meltdowns -- the meltdowns are horrible. you know, right? >> jimmy: i have them all the time, yes. yeah. my kids are much older now but yeah, i know what, yeah. they're bad. >> your oldest son is 38. >> jimmy: something like that. my youngest son is 17. i only have one son but yeah. >> all right. i didn't do my homework. >> jimmy: that's all right, but yeah, no, he's not having meltdowns anymore. yours, on the other hand -- >> the meltdowns, you know, will end. they're horrible, but they can
12:21 am
only sustain them for five or ten minutes. and then they run out of steam. but the whining can be sustained all day long. and my son, he may be a born actor. he actually rehearses the whine he's going to pick for the day. [ laughter ] you tune it out a lot, but you hear, like -- [ whining ] he's in the mirror practicing which one he will go with. i swear he does this. and then he, you know, i'm going to go with the cry whine. [ whining ] good choice. >> jimmy: as you're doing it, i'm hearing "simpsons" characters. >> i guess there's a little bit of wiggum in there. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: maybe he's a baby wiggum. you must be the best dad to read bedtime stories ever. i mean, you can do all the voices. the whole deal. >> i haven't trotted that out yet for him. he doesn't really -- it doesn't ---- >> jimmy: he doesn't, huh? >> doesn't land on him yet. >> jimmy: he might just think you're crazy. if you're doing that. >> he might.
12:22 am
when he was in the womb were we told you should talk to them, like, i would talk to katie's stomach. i don't know, felt a little insane. >> jimmy: it's weird. >> no more insane than playing scenes with smurfs. >> jimmy: they say the baby can hear your voice. >> supposedly. and i tonight felt comfortable talking to her belly as john lennon, for some reason. how you doing in there today, my little man? and -- [ applause ] that's actually -- i appreciate the applause but that's kind of a cheesy yellow submarine john lennon. did you know that wasn't the beatles, that cartoon. >> jimmy: what do you mean? >> that wasn't their voices. those were soundalikes in "yellow submarine." it was just guys that talked like this now. it wasn't any -- it wasn't paul, it wasn't john. >> jimmy: i guess it makes sense. why would the beatles do that? i didn't know that. did your son come out confused looking for yoko or perhaps with a blood lust for revenge to find
12:23 am
his father? >> he was surprised that momma wasn't asian, now that you mention it. does explain a lot. and we're a lot poorer. >> jimmy: yeah, but you're doing pretty well with "the simpsons." >> we're not complaining. >> jimmy: this is what, the 500 episode is coming up this season. >> yeah. >> jimmy: unbelievable. [ cheers and applause ] what's most unbelievable, it's not just a nunuer, it's how funny the show still is after 500 episodes. >> i agree. writers are amazing. >> jimmy: i would just start from the beginning and repeat the episodes, i mean, much like we do here, really. and -- are there characters that -- which one do you love most and which one are you tired of? >> i love doing professor frink the most. if you do recall, he does speak like this. and it's very difficult to -- no one knows anymore, because we're
12:24 am
old, is that that's actually jerry lewis. that's the original nutty professor. >> jimmy: jerry knows. have you spoken to jerry about this? >> yeah, he played the professor's father in a halloween episode a couple of years ago. i begged the writers to do that. >> jimmy: jerry would be delighted to know you had to beg to get him on the show. >> i was passionate about it. [ laughter ] i mean -- they were like -- i think probably because it was an actor's idea. i don't know, they were -- i had to really -- >> jimmy: you had to sell it. >> i did. >> jimmy: and you had a lot of big guest stars on the show. when michael jackson was on the show -- >> i mean, yeah. >> jimmy: did you actually -- did you work with michael jackson when he was on the show or was it recorded -- >> no, he came. usually, the big stars record separately. he loved the show. he wanted to be with us and it was amazing. it was as fascinating as you might imagine it was. one of the amazing things about it was, he sings in the episode.
12:25 am
but he didn't want to sing. >> jimmy: the happy birthday lisa song. >> exactly. which sounds like a lovely little -- he did write the song. he wrote that little tune. but it wasn't him singing. he had some young guy with him who was an exact soundalike of him. >> jimmy: what? >> yeah. it was this 22-year-old white guy who sounded exactly like him who sang the s sg and when it was time to sing the song, he would step up to the mike and do it. but it was so -- it confused me so much. i i s like -- how do they just happen to have this guy? >> jimmy: yeah. [ laughter ] >> what led to that? like, does he travel with him? why -- how much else does it come up, you know? and why do it? like if it sounds exactly like him and everybody thinks it's michael jackson, why bother? why not sing? >> jimmy: you're there already. and where is this guy now? we could use him now. >> exactly. you're right. >> jimmy: i hope he's not wondering around neverland somewhere. >> huge market for this man
12:26 am
right now. >> jimmy: we're going to take a break right now. >> i'd rather you didn't. >> jimmy: well. i would, too. but what are you going to do? hank azaria is here. "the smurfs" is out now. we'll be right back. welcome. thanks for coming. we're going to head on into the interview. greg . . . greg . .. was fuel efficiency an important factor in buying this car? oh definitely. as all my friends would tell you, i am one of the cheapest people you'll ever meet. and whenever i was filling up with gas before, i'd have a scowl on my face. you seem very comfortable up there. have you done this before? no, i haven't, and i'm actually terrified right now. a subway card! right now, when you buy or reload a $25 subway card, get a free freshly made regular 6" sub. choose a better-for-you favorite for some serious a+ flavor! subway. eat fresh.
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i'm the head of a small group of blue people and live in the forest with 99 sons and one daughter. nothing weird about that, no, no. totally normal. >> but all of that is about to change. >> some kind of a rage induced feline frenzy. but hey, don't go crazy. >> jimmy: hank azaria. "the smurfs" is in theaters now. playing the bad guy. >> i was also the voice of papa smurf and smurfette in that scene. >> jimmy: yes. you were mocking them, it seems. >> he doesn't care for the smurfs, at all. >> jimmy: did you go on ride alongs with the smurfs to prepare for this role? >> ride alongs? >> jimmy: because -- did he sound -- did you imitate the voice of the guy in the cartoon? >> you know, i tried not to.
12:36 am
ictually -- i started out thinking i could play him kind of laid back and observational somehow, a seinfeld-ian take. i really did attempt this. i did the first couple of takes like that and they're like, what the hell are you doing? i was like, i thought he'd be more mellow and just kind of off the cuff. they're lili, no. you have to lose your mind. and then if you rev up what i was doing it just sounds exaxacy like the cartoon, really. >> jimmy: and the cat in the scene is a real cat or is that fake? because i no longer know what movies anymore. >> neither -- it was both. there were times when the real cat was there. there were times when there was a fake cat actor. or, if you want to save time, cactor. i couldn't decide when i felt more crazy when i was acting withthhe cat or acting with no cat. >> jimmy: you were acting with sophia vergara, who is both real and imaginary also. >> that's right. [ laughter ] depending on what you're doing.
12:37 am
>> jimmy: yes. exactly. now, she -- that had to be fun, right? >> the great thing about that, acting in a scene with her is just an excuse to stare at her, like -- i wasn't staring, i was just acting in the scene. >> jimmy: and you did, well, you have to do that. >> yeah. it's my job to leer at you. >> jimmy: i heard you're a fan of "the bachelorette" franchise. >> i am -- reluctantly. i i blame katie, my girlfriend. she e ally dragged me into this. i love reality tv, i'm not, like, proud about that, but i really had drawn the line at "the bachelorette" and i was back in there. >> jimmy: who were you rooting for? ben or j.p.? which side were you on? >> i thought they were both good guys. i thought she did a great job of choosing two nice guys. being a jew from new york, i was rooting for j.p. [ laughter ] so i was happy. >> jimmy: i like when -- this is a great thing. because i, too, have been dragged into "the bachelorette." it's funny.
12:38 am
i go, well, this is nonsenen, but there's, like, oh -- you know they both seem like nice guys and you get into that, like, serious talk. >> oh, totally. >> jimmy: that will be the ruin of us. >> i can't believe i'm doing it. i even have, like, observations about it. like, we were talking last night, rather intensely about it and i think this is correct. when a bachelorette picks a guy, the relationship tends to last. when a bachelor picks a woman, it seems, the relationship tanks almost immediately. >> jimmy: no, neither of them lasts. ever. >> two of them -- >> jimimmy: they last for maybe four, five months and sometimes they end and we don't know they ended until we see the rip thing on the cover of "us weekly." where they split apart. >> ali and mr. handsome still together? >> jimmy: guillermo? are ali and mr. handsome still together? >> i'm not sure. >> jimmy: okay. weweon't know but we're going to have to find out. but you know, that's -- [ laughter ] >> do you watch, guillermo? >> a little bit. >> a little bit? what do you mean, a little bit?
12:39 am
>> one or two times. >> jimmy: yeah. a little bit. in other words, he doesn't watch "the bachelorette." he just -- he doesn't want to seem anti-social. >> it's like peanuts. you can't watch it once or twice. >> jimmy: you can't. >> you have to keep watching. >> jimmy: you care about them after the show has ended? do you -- i know you want to see who wins and that sort of thing. but once the show is over, do you continue it at all? >> care about them would be the wrong way to put it. i have a morbid curiosity in what is going on with them. i definitely want to see how this is turning out. >> jimmy: i'm sure it's going to go great this time around. >> these two seem like they're in love. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's what i was talking about right there. >> they seem rather genuinely into each other. >> jimmy: you're a real romantic, hank. hank azaria, everybody. "the smurfs" is in theaters now. we'll be right back with jim sturgess.
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>> jimmy: hi there, we're back. still to come, the lonely forest. through the magic of the movies, you can see our next guest age 20 years in less than two hours. he plays anne hathaway's friend without benefits in the new movie "one day." it opens in theaters august 19th. please welcome jim sturgess. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm good.
12:50 am
>> jimmy: how is the summer going so far? >> here or in england? >> jimmy: where have you been? >> i've been here a few days. summer in england is horrible. >> jimmy: is it really? >> it's kind of on and off. one time it's sunny, one time it's raining. people in england, when the sun comes out, they take their shirts straight off. the guys derobe. immediately if there's any sun. and because the weather's been so up and down, they take their shirt off, then it starts raining. they can't lose face so they -- >> jimmy: i got you. >> go around without any clothes on. >> jimmy: so, you've been here in l.a. for, what, just like a week or so? >> i got here on the 29th, i think. >> jimmy: okay, good. it's been very hot here. >> always nice here. yeah, yeah, yeah. i walk around with my shirt off in my room. >> jimmy: that's good. [ applause ] now, you -- you flew over here, i presume. you did not swim over here? >> yeah, i've done that once
12:51 am
before. it not a good idea. >> jimmy: long way to go. >> plane ride, yeah. >> jimmy: and something odd happened to you on the plane? >> yeah, no, i was -- like, the journey is a hard flight, it's like, a 12, 13-hour flight. and, yeah, i was sitting on a plane and i guess a group of overexcited lads from new castle came onto the plane and kind of placed themselves around me and, you know, like, so excited to be on the plane, kind of drinking every bit of alcohol that's on offer to them, getting louder and louder. and if that wasn't bad enough, then they started looking at the film menus, what they're going to watch on the plane. and one of them said, oh, has anyone seen that film "the way back?" that's how people from new castle talk. or an attempt. and the other one goes, oh, who's in that? and he goes, oh, it's that jim sturgess and colin farrell. and i'm sitting there like --
12:52 am
[ laughter ] and he goes, is it any good? and the guy next to me, he goes -- no, it's [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: great. >> so i kind of, you know, hid myself in my magazine and didn't dare go to the toilet for the whole flight. >> jimmy: do you speak to people that are sitting next to you or do you keep to yourself? >> i try to look at uninviting as possible. i spread crisps all over -- depends on who it is, i suppose. i've had some interesting encounters with people on airplanene >> jimmy: for instance? what? >> i had -- i remember coolio sat next to me one time. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: really? >> that was pretty cool. >> jimmy: the coolio? >> yeah, it was just him, no entourage. >> jimmy: shocking. >> well, in fact -- it was on a plane where you kind of sit next to each other, it was where you
12:53 am
sit opposite each other. you're face to face. and until the plane takes off, then you can hit the button. >> jimmy: you were face to face with coolio? >> i was face to face with coolio. we were sitting on the plane. yeah, we started talking, you know, about the state of the ipp hop scene in the uk and in america. and then he just offered me a sleeping pill, i guess, to shut me up, i don't know. [ laughter ] and, thinking back to it now, it was crazy for me to accept a pill -- >> jimmy: oh, you took it? >> yeah, i was like, thanks a lot. >> jimmy: thanks, coolio. >> i mean, it could have been anything. >> jimmy: he didn't ask you to carry his bag or anything through customs? >> he did give me a nice fluffy toy as a gift. >> jimmy: what happened when you took the pill that coolio gave you? >> it all went a bit blurry after that. i don't really remember. i would like to think it was a good sleeping pill. but i could have been rolling around.
12:54 am
naked, playing with his hair, telling him that i loved him. i don't know. >> jimmy: is it true that you were originally -- they intended you to play spider-man on broadway? >> not really. i did some workshops for the play with julie tamor, who i know really well, she directed the first film i ever did and she just asked me. she asked me and evan rachel wood who was in the same film, if we would come and help bono and edge, the guys from u2, if we could workshop some of the ideas for the play. >> jimmy: were they there? >> yeah, it was crazy. we sat in a room with bono and edge with a guitar singing songs and spider-man. [ laughter ] me and the guys from u2, that's not surreal enough. then we broke out into spider-man -- >> jimmy: did you tell them about your meeting with coolio? or did you keep that to yourself? >> he was still with me. >> jimmy: oh, he was? >> i couldn't get rid of him. >> jimmy: that's pretty cool. [ applause ] so, you're sitting there and
12:55 am
you're singing for bono and the edge? >> yeah, we were going over their songs because they wanted to hear what the songs sounded like coming out of actors mouths. when they're moving around and stuff. and i have this amazing recording of me singing with the edge playing the guitar, bono is my backing singer and he's whispering because i keep forgetting the lyrics. keep messing up the lyrics. so, you can hear him whispereri the lyrics into my ear. >> jimmy: wow. that's a hell of a karaoke night. >> and coolio is beat boxing in the background. it's all coming together great. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's pretty spectacular. you had a big birthday. when was your bit day? >> back in may, but the big one. >> jimmy: 30th. >> yeah. >> jimmy: not the big one, but -- >> big for me. >> jimmy: probably the big one right now. what did you do? did you have a big party? >> yeah, we had a party back in london that went on for, like, three days, i think. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: was it supposed to go on for three days? >> no. it was just like -- it was like -- it was a joint birthday
12:56 am
with my friend andrea. so, there was a big crowd of us. so, we went to a pub where i lili in north london and then we went onto a club and i guess everybody came back to my house and then i was opening the door to, like, people, 12 or 15 people, guys i'd never seen in my entire life standing there holding beer, like, with big smiles on theieiface. i guess you better come in. >> jimmy: they have beer, you have to let them in. >> and i think i passed out saturday day and then i remember waking up to hearing this really horrible, like, disco music that was playing up in my house and i kind of went downstairs and there were still people and new people were arriving, like, the whole time. so, we kind of ended it around sunday evening. >> jimmy: wow. your neighbors must have been delighted. >> yeah, i haven't spoken to them since it happened. i don't think. we have an amazing neighbor, she's 80 years old, she's lovely.
12:57 am
>> jimmy: she survived the birthday? >> yeah. but she gave me the cold shoulder the other day. >> jimmy: oh, she did, huh? >> i think she's still a bit pissed about that. >> jimmy: see what happens on her 90th. >> maybe we should have invited her. i don't know. >> jimmy: that's what she's upset about. now, this movie is based on a very popular book. and that's a tricky thing, because when a book is very popular, it means something to a lot of people, you kind of -- you kind of have to disappoint them, right? i mean, doesn't everybody disappoint -- >> yeah, that's how i feel right now. going in, i didn't know how kind of popular the book was. i knew there was a book. i had no idea of the kind of grandness of it, especially back in london. i mean, the book is huge in england. >> jimmy: it is? >> and the cover of the book is different to here. the cover of the book in england is bright orange, so, you see it everywhere. you know, i'm getting the fear, slowly, that, maybe -- >> jimmy: have regular people spoken to you, like, regular people come up to you and said, you're playing this guy --
12:58 am
>> it keeps kind of happening. i was at a barbecue recently and thisisirl was kind of asking me questions and said, i hear you're an actor. i was like, yeah, yeah, and, you know, are you working on anything? i said, we've been doing this film called "one day." she's like, shut up, that's my favorite book of all-time ever in the history of the world. so, do have a speaking part in it? and i was like -- and i was like, yeah, well, i play the guy, dexter, you know, and her face was just like -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, no. >> and then i looked down at myself and i had a beard and i was holding a can of beer and -- >> jimmy: not exactly a dexter type. >> makeup and the hair, it looks amazing. i look a lot better in the film. >> jimmy: it's called "one day," it's in theaters august 19th. very good to have you here, thanks for coming. jim sturgess, everybody. we'll be right back with the lonely forest.
12:59 am
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1:01 am
>> jimmy: you are about to witness their television debut. their new album is called "arrows." here with the song "we sing in time," the lonely forest.
1:02 am
♪ oh in time the trees die and light will fade but i hope for a new breath a new life to take me away ♪ ♪ oh in time the trees die and light will fade but i hope for a new breath a new life to take me away ♪ ♪ let us pretend we've got it together let us ignore the coming sun ♪ ♪ we'll sing the body electric until machine and soul are one ♪ ♪ i've seen the tweaker struggle syringes lined his floor ♪ ♪ a cycle churned to life by dead end jobs and a government's war ♪ ♪ oh in time the trees die and light will fade
1:03 am
but i hope for a new breath a new life to take me away ♪ ♪ oh in time the trees die and light will fade but i hope for a new breath a new life to take me away ♪ ♪ one by one the monsters trample through woods and dirt they feed ♪ ♪ what sort of world and plight for our children must we lead ♪ ♪ let us burn the nation's budget let's send boys overseas ♪ ♪ to fight ghosts in the desert instead of teaching them to give and lead ♪ ♪ oh in time the trees die and light will fade but i hope for a new breath a new life to take me away ♪
1:04 am
♪ oh in time the trees die and light will fade but i hope for a new breath a new life to take me away ♪ ♪ we sing in time we sing in time ♪ ♪ ♪ oh in t ime the trees die and light will fade but i hope for a new breath a new life to take me away ♪


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